Maritime Logistics and SCM

Logistics activities in the maritime transport sector

The aim of this e-course on Maritime Logistics & Supply Chain Management is to describe the convergence of maritime transport and logistics, previously considered as two distinct subject areas. This convergence has resulted in the formation of a new field of study called, “Maritime Logistics and Supply Chain Management”. With the help of different real case examples and a literature review, the e-course will describe the importance of logistics activities in the maritime transport sector.

The e-course will also address how maritime transport operators are extending their services to cope with the demand from their customers for efficient maritime supply chains. This e-course will run completely online and can be used in a flexible way. You can follow your own learning tempo, intensity and style and you can therefore flexibly integrate this course into your individual daily schedule. Exercises and quizzes can be completed online within the context of the course and are evaluated on the spot.

Some facts

  • Target groups: Potential and current workforce on board and ashore; employees in the maritime industry. The prerequisites for these e-courses correspond to a general level of knowledge.
  • Course progression: The e-courses run 100% online.
  • Learning Workload: 45 hours
  • Starting date: anytime
  • Costs: none
  • Language: English

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Course Goals

After having completed the course, you are able to:

  • understand the growing need for logistic activity within the maritime sector
  • explain the main concepts of logistics and maritime transport as two different disciplines
  • demonstrate the need for, and emergence of, “maritime logistics”
  • describe new responsibilities and roles of maritime transport operators to provide an efficient maritime value chain

General Information

Author: Naima Saeed, associate professor at Molde University College, Norway

Estimated Time and Workload: 45 hours

Prerequisite Skills: The prerequisites to this e-course are on a general level. What you should know before starting this course: You should …

  • have a basic knowledge of logistics, supply chain and maritime transport
  • be competent in the English language
  • hold general verbal and writing communication skills

Structure: The e-course on Logistics & SCM is divided into 8 chapters:

  1. Logistics & SCM
  2. The role of transportation in logistics
  3. Ports
  4. The concept of maritime logistics
  5. Ports as elements in the supply chain: the conceptual framework
  6. The process of maritime logistics
  7. The evolving roles of shipping lines in international logistics
  8. Cases of extended scope of services

How to enrol

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